3 Tips When Choosing Workout Shoes

Flex test

Running and working out can significantly increase our strength. It can definitely help to get in shape. Yet, a really important factor is our athletic shoes. Why? Because wrong athletic shoes can lead to serious back problems and knee injuries. Nobody wants that. Therefore, we are here to give you 3 tips on how to choose right workout shoes.

  • 1. Proper fitting
  • When you put on your workout shoes, you should feel comfortable and supportive - your feet and ankle should feel comfortable. Of course, everyone has a different feet type, therefore you should find what suits you best. What is good for your friend, may not be good for you. Double check if you feel 100% comfortable in your athletic shoes because you do not want to spend a good amount of money for shoes that do not fit properly.  Ask for a professional help if needed.

    * Remember to bring your own socks with you, when buying new workout shoes. Not only this is better for your hygiene, but also you will have a better feel for your shoe and will know the feeling when you workout or go for a run.

  • 2. Flex test
  • Flex test

    When buying workout shoes, for every shoe do the flex test. You need to bend back the front of the shoe (pull the toes towards the laces of your shoe). Your shoe should flex really easily, without putting a really big effort from you. By doing this “flex test”, you will understand how this shoe will bend when you toe-off at the end of every step.


  • 3. Shop in the late afternoon
  • This may sound a little bit weird. But listen up! The best time to shop for your workout shoes is really the late afternoon or evening because your feet will swell up during the workout. Therefore, by the end of the day, your feet will probably be swollen up - go buy your shoes then, so you can find the best and most comfortable shoes.

    Of course, it is hard to tell what is 100% good for you, since our feet differ from one and other (size and shape). However, if your knees or ankle is giving you a lot of pain, make sure you go to the specialist before.

    And take in mind, ladies and gentlemen, it is more important to pick your workout shoes based on how they fit you, not how they look!

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