Advantages and Disadvantages of Using a Fitness Tracker

Nowadays it gets trendy to use a fitness tracker. Did you have thought of buying one, but could not decide if it is worth it? Here we have a short summary of advantages and disadvantages of having a fitness tracker!

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Advantages of Fitness Tracker

Fitness tracker basically can be your personal “coach”, your digital “friend” or in other words - just a trendy digital device that could support you with multiple fitness and non-fitness choices. Read below and discover why Fitness Tracker could be very beneficial for your everyday life!

  • Activity recognizer
  • It can be much easier to overview your progress if you can see what kind of activities have the most impact, or in other words - what type of activities can help you to burn your calories more efficiently.

    Therefore, it may be very useful if your wristband has an activity recognizer. Why? Because, it may be really handy for active lifestyle lovers and even for those who would like to start an active lifestyle to see, what activities suits you the best.

  • Keep track of your progress
  • We believe that, if your workout and not only workout analysis is at an arm's length, that can keep people motivated. You are wondering - why so? Because it feels good to see your progress and how much stronger you have become.

    A good fitness tracker will have the option to track your progress - calories; steps; distance tracker and heart rate monitor. Moreover, you could overview your last week or months achievements. As well as, it will vibrate and inform you when your goals will be achieved, i.e. 8000 steps or 30km. So make sure, you pick the best device for yourself.

  • Measuring your sleep quality
  • One of the main and biggest advantages of fitness trackers is that not only they can record what are you doing while being awake, but also during the night - your sleep. The quality of your sleep is one of the most important indicators of your health and fitness level. You can also read the importance of sleep in our previous blog.  

    Do not get lost in wristband options. Make sure, that the one you are choosing is just right for you. You should know, that a qualitative wristband should be able to collect information and give you an overview about deep sleep + percentage from your overall sleep and give you information about the time while being awake.

  • Your communication manager
  • Nowadays, companies that are manufacturing wristbands, they are trying to make our lives easier. So, not only you can measure your sleep or track your health and fitness progress, you can now also answer to calls, text messages and see notifications from social platforms, such as Facebook and Instagram. So you will not miss anything and be in the right place at the right time. How handful is that?

  • Financially friendly
  • A lot of you know, how costly for you it can be to hire a personal trainer. Now you can just buy a fitness tracker, that can help you achieve your personal goals and offer a lot more than that (counting calories, steps, distance, measuring sleep, etc.) We believe, that your wallet will be thankful for that as well.

  • Daily accessory
  • One of the best pros for Fitness Trackers is that most of the companies have been really thinking about the design. You can use them not only as your “personal fitness coach”, that can help you achieve your fitness goals but as trendy SmartBand.

    Design for these Fitness Trackers can be really elegant and classic, which means that you can combine your wristband with any outfit you would like to wear. But most importantly, it still does it's basic function - show time.

  • Follow the progress of your loved ones
  • There are few apps that you could use in order to track your progress: sleep; steps; heart rate; etc. However, in most of these apps, you can make friends as well. Just send a friend request to your colleagues; parents; siblings and friends and see their progress and how they are doing. By that, you can take care and motivate your loved ones.  


    Not always everything works and goes as planned. There are some disadvantages for Fitness trackers as well and we care that you know everything. Therefore, here are 4 downsides of the fitness tracker.

  • Steps
  • You have to take into account, that most of the fitness trackers are no 100% accurate. For example - steps. These little devices cannot really count all your steps, therefore you cannot truly rely on these devices if step counter is your number one priority.

  • Battery
  • These little smart bands are electronic and you have to charge them so they could work properly just for you. Imagine, you go out for jogging and suddenly. Your Smart Band is out of battery. So if you forget to charge it, you will not be able to use it while working out.

  • Calories
  • We previously told you about the accuracy of steps. The same thing is about calories. If your fitness tracker cannot count all the steps accurately, also your calories will not be counted right. It is a big downfall if you would like to lose a weight since your calories are counted just approximately.

  • Comparing
  • Not always the downfalls of these gadgets are the technological things. It also could be psychological. These fitness trackers and apps, where you can follow your progress, are offering to connect with your friends. Imagine, if your friend walked 2x more than you, it can make you feel inadequate. And sometimes this kind of negative feelings can lead us to discouragement and make us stop working out.  

    In the end, it is really important to find the best and most suitable Fitness Tracker just for you. One that is lightweight, comfortable, do not exceed your budget and with a lot of useful functions.

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