Why you should be physically active?

Have you ever thought something similar to this: “I will start tomorrow”, “I do not have time for this”, “Calories after 6 pm does not count”?

Moreover, have you ever thought about, how physical activities can help you to improve your work performance? Yes, it can help you not only to get rid of the calories from yesterday's chocolate cake, but also to improve your feeling while being at work.  

In this blog, you will get information about the advantages of physical activities. Also, you will learn some tips and tricks, how to prepare and be ready to start working out. Especially, you will learn why you should get up and start working out NOW! 


Research shows, that people spend an average of 7.4 hours every day looking at computer screen. Which means that they spend most of the time glued to their chair as well. Needless to say, it can be a bad influence on your health.

In the beginning, let us show you the benefits of physically active people:

Control your weight

The fact that you can control your weight, is not anything new. However, that is the truth. While being physically active, you can control your weight easily and be proud of yourself. Most importantly - remember to balance your eating diet as well. This will help you to reach your weight goals faster.  

Improve your mood

Can you imagine, that after gym you will feel happier? If yes, then you are thinking absolutely right. Moreover, you do not need to go to the gym in order to feel good afterward. You can just take short walks with your friend, dog or alone, but after your little walking “journey”, you will be absolutely delighted.

Also, it will definitely help you to manage your stress and help you to relax.


Increase your energy

It is proven that physical activities can improve your muscle strength and boost your energy. Physical activities can raise your heart and lung activity, thus you have more energy to tackle your daily chores.

These are just a few benefits, that you will get from being physically active. However, there are few very simple “activities” you can do while being at work as well.

  • Stretch
  • Turn your head
  • Move your shoulders etc.


Sometimes people may get scared or unmotivated, because, for example, they are starting to go to the gym and they feel uncomfortable. Why? Because everyone there is so fit and can do or perform better than you. Remember, all of them started at one point. So remember, as Eduardo Briceno said: “If you hear yourself say I cannot do it, add 'yet'”, because trust us - you will be able to do it, just be patient!

Now let's take a look at some timesaving tips and tricks you could use to be ready for your workout:

  • Pack your workout bag a night before
  • Pack healthy lunch a night before, so you know that you have a nutritious lunch waiting for you after the workout
  • Do everything you can while going to the gym or workout class. For example: put your hair up; take any documents or membership card (if needed); take off any jewelry.

To sum this all up - physical activities are strongly recommended for your own health. You will be able to lose weight, boost your energy and mood. Do not forget about the little exercise you can do, while being at work. As Leigh Hunt said: “The groundwork of all happiness is good health” and it is never too early or too late to work towards being the healthiest you.

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