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Power Up Your Heart


Fact - did you know, that every day your heart beats about 100,000 times? With Treinio you can follow your  heart - rate through basic movements, tough workouts, long work hours, even through sleep.

To make Your Daily Life More Easy

Intelligent Exercise Recognition

Don't set, just start!

Treinio "LYNX" SmartBand automatically recognizes three movement types - basketball, cycling, running.


Sedentary Reminder

Inactivity -  not good for your health!

Treinio "LYNX" SmartBand will remind you to move around after being too rigid.


Communication Management

Control your calls and messages!

Connect Treinio "LYNX" with your phone and get notifications about important phone calls and text messages. Even set a morning alarm.

Remarkably Elegant Design To Fit You

Designed slightly curved to feel comfortable and ergonomic against your wrist during tough workouts or simply calm walks. To make it more visually dazzling and personal - you can change the look of SmartBand clock.

Invisible Unity

The perfect combination of durable materials allowed us to make structural integrated design.

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Power Of Multiple Sensors

The SmartBand is equipped with two different sensors. One catches your movements, other one counts and measures your heart activity.

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All you need to know:

Treinio "LYNX" is a SmartBand that guides a way to more active and healthier lifestyle. SmartBand is a global project, which is developed in USA, designed in Europe and manufactured in China. 

Body size:
39.8 * 19.7 * 9.3mm 

232 mm

Built - in rechargeable lithium battery

Waterproof level:

Touchscreen Control

Screen Size:

Operating temperature:
-20 - 60 C

Bluetooth 4.0 

Sport Sensor:
Three - axis Gravity Acceleration Sensor

Life of Battery:
up to 5 - 7 days

System Requirement:
iOS8.0 ; Android 4.4 

18 g

Heart Rate Sensor:
PIXART dynamic heart rate sensor

Battery Capacity:
55 mAh

Connect with "Zeroner Health Pro" application, in order to see and track your fitness progress by defining your measurements, setting goals, tracking results and comparing day to day activity.

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